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Glaucoma eye testing in Milesburg

Excessive internal eye pressure is the key marker of glaucoma, an eye disease that has no early warning symptoms and that is not curable. Don’t be alarmed, though. Our eye doctor, S. Candace Covey, O.D., is committed to the prompt diagnosis, treatment, and management of glaucoma. And if you get testing at our Milesburg optometry office once per year, your chances for a positive outcome are much greater in the event that you have this condition.

The reason that your eye pressure increases is that your eyes are creating more fluid than they can effectively drain. Eventually, this results in a buildup of fluid, and too much pressure. The likelihood is that glaucoma will develop slowly and steadily over time, but certain factors, such as chemical contamination of a force injury can accelerate the process. By the time you notice symptoms, it might be too late to prevent damage to your optic nerve, and any vision lost may be permanent. Fortunately, just one visit each year to our Milesburg optometry office is sufficient to get screened for glaucoma. The baseline test is called tonometry, and it measures your eye pressure. Additional testing will be done, including taking photos of your optic nerve. The priority is to have a conclusive diagnosis so that the appropriate action can be taken. Eye drops that are specially designed to reduce the production of eye fluid are a popular and non-invasive means of treating glaucoma. However, the downside is that it’s a task you must perform daily for the rest of your life. It also may not be effective for all patients. It’s worth considering laser treatments, which succeed in increasing the effectiveness of fluid drainage. In more severe cases, microsurgery may be an option.

Contact our Milesburg optometry office to schedule an appointment to come in for our glaucoma eye testing.

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