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Infant eye exams in Milesburg

Is it too soon to bring your baby in for an eye exam? If yours is at least six months old, then the answer is no. For peace of mind and to get out ahead of potential issues that are known to affect some infants, bring your infant in for our Milesburg eye care at the practice of S. Candace Covey, O.D. With the InfantSEE program, this visit is FREE. It’s all part of a valuable public health initiative to ensure the optimal eye health of babies. This should be done somewhere between six months and one year of age.

Of course, unlike with older children, your baby cannot tell you if something is wrong. And many eye issues, for kids and adults alike, develop without any obvious symptoms early on. Our Milesburg eye care is dedicated to being proactive. The sooner any possible problems are diagnosed, the more likely it is that treatment will be successful. It is not widely known, but very young children can have cataracts or glaucoma, for example. And amblyopia (lazy eye), as well as strabismus (crossed eyes), are detectable as part of InfantSEE. These conditions are not dangerous, per se, but they create obstacles to your child’s vision, and prompt care for them is highly recommended. After taking advantage of a free examination through our Milesburg eye care, the next visit for your child will depend on the results. If there are no issues found that require follow-up, your pediatrician can take care of basic eye testing until it is time for her or him to begin school. At that point, bring your child in for a complete eye exam, and the follow it up with exams every other year thereafter.

To take advantage of InfantSEE, contact our office now to arrange an appointment for him or her. And remember, there is no cost for this essential visit.

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