Kids eye care Howard

Kids Eye Care Howard

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Pediatric eye exams in Howard

Kids eye care Howard
Kids eye care Howard

Pediatric eye exams, recommended to begin by the time your child is ready to attend school, and then every other year thereafter, are essential for so much of your child’s progress. At the office of S. Candace Covey, O.D., you can depend on our kids eye care Howard to be comprehensive and specific to the needs of your child.

Unlike visits to other health care professionals, a trip here is relaxing and comfortable. There is nothing to be nervous about, and children tend to feel at ease with our kids eye care Howard. Pediatric eye exams have two purposes. First is to determine if your child needs eyeglasses. Poor vision can stunt your child’s ability to do well in school, along with social development and participation in sports. If your child is at reading age, he or she will read from an eye chart. For those kids who are younger, our pediatric eye doctor substitutes a very effective and fun game that will yield equally accurate results. It is also vital as part of our kids eye care Howard that conditions ranging from glaucoma and cataracts to amblyopia (lazy eye), double vision, and drooping eyelids are screened for. Bear in mind that early detection is closely linked to the best outcomes. Glaucoma and cataracts are often associated with adults, but they affect children frequently, too. And they have no obvious symptoms until they progress to a more advanced stage. Amblyopia and double vision may be addressed with simple treatment, but timeliness is critical, so that there is little risk of them becoming permanent conditions. Drooping eyelids, both a cosmetic concern and one that can obstruct your child’s vision, typically requires surgery.

Be sure to contact us kids eye care Howard to arrange an appointment to bring her or him in for a comprehensive eye exam.

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